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Everyday Buckle Meh Dai Fall 2019- Mulberry-CLEARANCE

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5.0 (2 reviews)

If you’ve been looking for a versatile baby carrier that gives you the most use for your money, Beachfront Baby has you covered. Meet the Everyday Buckle Meh Dai!

What is a Buckle Meh Dai? A Meh Dai is a baby carrier style originating in East Asia. Meh dai means “back carrying strap” where “meh/bei” means “carry on your back,” and “dai” means strap. It includes a body panel with ties at each of the 4 corners. A buckle meh dai replaces the bottom ties worn around the waist with webbing and a buckle. This means less fabric and more security with that reassuring “click.”

Watch our instruction video to see how easy it is!

Although our buckle meh dai includes statements that is is for children weighing up to 35lbs, it has been safety tested to hold children up to 40lbs. Our tags and instructions will be updated to reflect this weight in the future.

If you love prints, you’ll love the panels we’ve added to the buckle meh dai! Each panel is a super soft brushed polyester spandex blend sewn to the outside body panel & front waist of the carrier. The panel is fully attached and cannot be removed. This fabric has been tested for color fastness,  and it holds its color well. To ensure the maximum life of the colors, please rinse your carrier in cool, fresh water after wearing in chlorine or salt water, and always hang to dry rather than using your dryer.

Available in 6 colors! If you purchase this item, you will receive a Mulberry base. 

Fall colors are now 40% off on clearance!





  • What makes the Everyday Buckle Meh Dai special? Where do we start? This hi-tech knit fabric is lightweight & so comfortable!

It is light as a feather out of the water, but strong enough to hold toddlers up to 40lbs. It wicks moisture away from you and baby, keeping you both cool & comfy during the warm months, and it’s so light it fits perfectly under jackets in the cold months! A single layer includes a UPF factor of 15, meaning it blocks about 87% of UVA and 95% of UVB rays- and with multiple layers, you & baby get extra protection!

But our Everyday Buckle Meh Dai isn’t just for land use! Like our Original Beachfront Baby®  mesh line, the Everyday Carrier can be worn in the water! Wear baby in the shower, at the splash pad, or pool & even into the ocean! The fabric absorbs a bit more water than our mesh line, but it stays lightweight when wet and dries within a short time. One size carriers fit parents who wear shirt size SM- XL. (2XL-3Xl parents- please contact us for special ordering)

We recommend rinsing your Buckle Meh Dai in fresh water after wearing in chlorinated or salt water to prolong the lifespan of the fabric & components.

Because your Everyday Carrier is 100% polyester, care couldn’t be easier! Machine wash in warm or cold water on delicate, and hang to dry or run through the dryer on low/knits. (We recommend using a lingerie bag to keep the buckle from banging around the dryer.)

Each Everyday Carrier includes instructions with photos to guide you in wearing your baby safely & comfortably.

Please use care & common sense when taking your baby out in the sun or water. Don’t do anything with your baby in the carrier that you wouldn’t do with him/her in your arms. By purchasing a Beachfront Baby® Carrier, you agree to release Beachfront Baby, LLC & it’s members, employees and/or retailers from any & all liability for any injury which might result from the use of our carrier. The wearer is responsible for using the carrier safely & correctly.

Our new Everyday fall colors are no longer made with REPREVE. They are made with 100% imported polyester. 

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in

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2 reviews for Everyday Buckle Meh Dai Fall 2019- Mulberry-CLEARANCE

  1. Lucianna Cruz

    The Mulberry Everyday Buckle Meh Dai is so comfortable, easy to learn and easy to wear. I love the capability of wearing my infant and also wearing my toddler in it! I have the Mulberry with a floral panel and it is beautiful. The color is amazing! We love wearing it in the water (it holds up perfectly without having to retighten), we love wearing it in our hot summer heat and love wearing it now in our fall! The everyday buckle meh dai has become our favorite carrier!

  2. Samantha Lestingi

    Hands down the best carrier I’ve tried! After using a different carrier (that rhymes with Toby) when my baby was a newborn, I realized it was just way too hot for us. I joined a local lending library and began to try out other carriers and had the same issue with them all until I was introduced to Beachfront Baby. The Buckle Meh Dai checks all the boxes- light weight, keeps us both cool, comfortable, easy to use and the Mulberry color is beautiful! The fact that I’ll be able to use it until my child hits 40 pounds and it can be taken into the water are just extra bonuses that I love. Save yourself the time I spent looking for the perfect carrier, because I’m here to tell you, THIS IS IT!

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