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Thank you for visiting this page to find out more about our business! Beachfront Baby was founded in 2011 by a mom of four children who needed a way to hold her youngest baby in the water and still have her hands free to tend to and play with her older children in the pool during the hot summer days in Texas. Each employee and independent contractor we work with are parents who believe that babywearing is an important part of parenting. Our business model allows us to give our employees the freedom to work hours that work for their families. When you purchase a Beachfront Baby Carrier, you’ll know that much love & attention to detail has gone into its creation and that you are supporting a small business and families, just like yours.

Meet Team Beachfront Baby!


Diane Turner is our Founder & President. Diane is a mother to four amazing kids, 2 girls and 2 boys, and wife to an amazing firefighter. The Turner clan lives in the country of South Texas on nearly 6 acres. They raise miniature donkeys, chickens & bees along with cats & a dog. In her spare time, Diane enjoys sitting down with a good book & a hot cup of tea, hiking with her family, and trying out new vegetarian recipes in an attempt to get her family to eat healthier. 

Diane has a hand in nearly every part of Beachfront Baby operations- processing orders, sharing in social media duties, ordering supplies, and all the behind-the-scenes boring things business owners need to do to stay current and operate legally. She can be reached at Diane{@}




Tara Dirks is our Vice President of Customer Relations. Tara lives in the country with her fire fighter husband and their 5 children. They raise chickens, quail, bunnies, & a calf along with their dogs on land that has been in her husband’s family for decades. When Tara isn’t ferrying kids to sports practices and games, she enjoys browsing Pinterest for inspiration on recipes & craft ideas. She also enjoys going for walks with her husband in their dry creek bed near their house and tending their garden together.

Tara has been a part of the Beachfront Baby Team since 2014 and is most likely the one who responds so sweetly to your emailed questions. Tara does so much behind the scenes at Beachfront Baby as well- from packaging to processing orders- all while keeping an eye on her busy toddler who is always welcome in the Beachfront Baby workshop. She can be reached at Tara{@}


Krista Kass is our Director of Marketing. Krista is a mother to 2 adorable kids. She and her daughter & son share their home in San Antonio, Texas with their fur babies – 2 dogs. Krista enjoys coffee, going to the park, all things Disney and natural parenting.

Krista started with Beachfront Baby in 2015 as a Brand Ambassador on social media. She joined us officially in 2016 as our Director of Community Education and was promoted to Director of Marketing in 2017. Krista is the face of Beachfront Baby at events and on social media. She is certified as a Babywearing Educator through the Center for Babywearing Studies and enjoys helping parents get a good safe fit in our carriers. Krista is also a talented artist and designs many of our ad campaigns. She can be reached at Krista{@}


Thank you for stopping by to learn more about our team!