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How to wear your baby heart-to-heart in a LUX Sling

How to put on an Everyday Buckle Meh Dai




The LUX sling is our all new user-friendly water sling! Even if you are a beginner babywearer, this ring sling will quickly become your favorite! Wear babies & toddlers from 8-35lbs in and out of the water while keeping cool & comfy!

Available in 4 colors here







The Everyday Buckle Meh Dai is designed for comfort and safety along with the ultimate versatility. Wear babies from 8-40lbs on your front, and babies from 15-40lbs on your back. This carrier has no padding, but is instead designed to be comfortable for long term wearing without the need for padding. Wide wrap-style straps allow for proper weight distribution and webbing throughout the waistband lends structure without bulk.

Instructions for back-carrying can be found here.

How to put on a Beachfront Baby Original Mesh Wrap



Our Original Beachfront Baby Mesh Wrap is made to wear babies from 8-30lbs in the water and out. This carrier really shines as a comfortable & safe way to wear babies in all types of water- from the pool to the beach & home to the shower! Make sure to pull each panel wide across baby’s back & bottom to achieve a nice wide M seat.

PDF instructions can be found here.

How to use a Beachfront Baby Original Mesh Sling

Beachfront Baby’s Original Mesh Sling is a simple and comfortable option for babies & toddlers from 8-30lbs. Start with the rings up high on your shoulder, so as you pull & tighten your sling rails, the rings end up in “corsage position.” To ensure a deep seat for baby. lean forward, reach between you, and grab the bottom of the fabric and lift. Baby should be seated, with knees higher than bottom once you are situated.

Watch this video for tips on getting your rings in “corsage position”.

PDF instructions can be found here. 

Each Beachfront Baby® Carrier comes with a photo instruction booklet in the package. If you have lost your booklet or bought a Beachfront Baby Carrier second hand and would like a hard copy of the intructions, we can send you one for $3. This covers the cost of printing and postage. Please use our contact form to make your request.


Questions? Please send an email!

Rules for safe babywearing:

Your baby should be high & close enough to kiss.

Your baby’s face should be visible to you at all times to ensure he is breathing normally.

Never do anything with your baby in the carrier that you wouldn’t do with him/her in your arms.

Visit our FAQs  for more information on Beachfront Baby® Carriers!